SLPS Responsibilities:

Remove, fold and leave cover deck side or client designated storage area.

Power-wash surrounding pool deck (up to 4' around pool). Test water.  Fill Chlorinator.  Adjust Total Alkalinity
and PH.  Add Algaecide.  Shock pool. Put ladders in and install eyeball fittings into the system. Assemble
equipment, prime pump and start pool for visual inspection.

Inspect Hydro mechanical, Electrical, Operational and visible Plumbing Systems for swimming pool and
supporting equipment; lubricate equipment o-rings as required; recommend necessary equipment and/or
plumbing repairs.

Limited swimming pool vacuuming on best effort basis (based upon opening package); brush the bottom and
sides where necessary; backwash the filter (if applicable); clean the leaf and lint pot(s); skim the surface; clean
lint strainer pot.

Customer Responsibilities:

Water level must be ¾ of the way onto the skimmer prior to SLPS arrival.

Make certain electrical power is available to power equipment.

Store removed accessories as desired.


Chemicals are not included in price.

Pricing is based upon typical residential swimming pool and may vary based upon pool configuration and

Additional charges may apply for commercial pools.

Assumes water level is filled to ¾ of the way onto the skimmer prior to SLPS arrival or subject to re-
scheduling/$60.00 re-visit charge.

SLPS will not be responsible for any damage to winter covers, cover anchors, or water tubes resulting from
installation or removal.

Assumes normal pool operation and usage.  Cleaning of excessive debris or pollutants in water will incur
additional charge (50/hr + $10/5gal of debris).

Assumes use of Client supplied pool cleaning and maintenance equipment.

If located more than 30 miles from Lake St. Louis, add $15 trip charge.

Emergency and after hours service are billed @ time and ½.

Optional - Clean and store pool cover $150.00        
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Swimming Pool Opening
$110/hour (2men - 1 hour minimum)