SLPS Responsibilities:

Inspect pool systems and recommend necessary repairs and/or replacements.

Remove equipment drain plugs and drain the following if applicable;
>Circulation and/or other pool pump(s)
>Pool water filter
>Pool water sanitizer feeder
>Pool heater

Lower water level to below lowest return line opening, if applicable.

Remove ladders, handrails, diving board and slide, if applicable.

Remove directional inlets and blow water from circulation lines.

Add pool Anti-Freeze to plumbing lines and equipment as required.

Install customers winterizing plugs and skimmer freeze protection device.

Add Winterizing Chemicals.

Place removed accessories together at pool side for customer storage.

Install customers sheet type winter cover with water tubes or mesh type anchored winter safety cover.

Customer Responsibilities:

Vacuum pool prior to SLPS arrival (recommended).  Cleaning of debris or pollutants in water will  incur additional
charge of $50 per hour.

Make certain electrical power is available to power vac/blower.

Make certain winterizing plugs and freeze protection devices are available at pool side.

Turn off electrical power to pool equipment after closing service is completed.

Store removed accessories as desired.


SLPS will not be responsible for any damage to winter covers, cover anchors, or water tubes resulting from
installation or removal.

Winterizing chemicals and anti-freeze are not included in price.

Pricing is based upon typical residential swimming pool installations and may vary based upon specific pool
configuration and requirements.

Additional charges may apply for commercial pools.

If located more than 30 miles from Lake St. Louis, add $15 trip charge

Emergency and after hours service are billed @ time and ½.

Additional charges will be applied for late season closings.
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Swimming Pool Closing
$110/hour (2 men - 1 hour minimum