Professional Swimming Pool and Spa Services
  • Swimming Pool Opening and Closings From $135.00
  • All types of In-ground Swimming Pools and Spas Serviced
  • All brands of Filters, Pumps, Heaters, and Covers Serviced
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Swimming Pool Rehab
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Weekly Service From $50.00
  • Swimming Pool Inspection
Family Owned
& Operated
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Serving St. Louis, St. Charles and the surrounding areas

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Pool &Spa Openings From $135.00 !
Weekly Cleanings From $50.00 !

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St. Louis Pool & Spa is dedicated to Quality Swimming Pool
Openings, Swimming Pool Closings, Cover Storage, Superior
weekly service, Leak Detection, Swimming Pool and Spa Drain &
Cleaning, Rehab work, Fountains, Maintenance, Repair, and
Service for all in-ground swimming pool and spa types.  

St. Louis Pool & Spa installs custom shotcrete in-ground
Swimming Pools and Spas.

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We are family owned and operated!
ST. LOUIS POOL & SPA                  
Over 30 Years  Experience On Commercial and Residential
Swimming Pools and Spas
St. Louis Pool and Spa
Lake St. Louis, MO
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